Compassionate Board-Certified Family Lawyer

Over the years, the Law Office of Ileana M. Almeida has assisted many families in South Florida who were going through a difficult divorce. We understand what it takes to handle challenging family law matters and what has to be done to assist you in achieving your legal goals.

Our Founder

Ileana M. Almeida started practicing family law after becoming a mother. She understands the pressures of the family since she has gone through a divorce. She has been able to maintain a healthy relationship with her kids and ex-husband. Though they are two separate households, they are still one family.

Law Office of Ileana M. Almeida


Ileana M. Almeida became board-certified and is an expert in the field. She is knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathetic. Along with her team, she strives to protect children from the animosity of divorce.